When you’re born and pass on we’re left with a ( dash ). What that dash represents is everything we did, all the people we impacted, and the differences we help create. We we all blessed to have known Dustin. He was one of those once in a lifetime friends that made us all better, and pushed us to dream bigger. We carry on his legacy by continuing to fight the good fight.


We made this board to help Dustin and he wanted to it to be a camber early rise. It was his favorite profile of all the boards he rode. We sat down in late July to design the profile. He was excited, and wanted to ride it at Mt. Hood and around Utah. Sadly he passed in late August. I was so glad to see him, share some memories and laughs.

This board is dedicated to his memory. With proceeds to go towards helping his family. Lets shred for the cure. Thanks for reading and I’m wishing you a great, powder filled, healthy, and fun 2018-2019 season.

Written by shredneck