A while ago we asked how much it influenced your purchase decision if we brought back some manufacturing of boards back home to the US…..after receiving numerous yeses we decided to make a run of it. It won’t be an easy process, and we’ll start with higher end and work our way back.

In addition we asked how can we help the next generation learn these skills so we can make sure the future work force is better equipped to handle the demands. In that process we found a local high school and vocational school that offers composite programs. We look forward to doing more with them.

Finally we’re doing to discuss things like cancer and riding for the cure. After losing our close college and friend it really hit home. Then it got is thinking about more world wide issues in mountain towns like the rate of depression and suicide being so high in mountain towns. So we’re going to create a board to help raise awareness. There’s so many more issues like the decline of our sport or the ability of the average kid to get involved. We look forward to partnering with local clubs to help with that however we can.

Thanks for your support, no matter what boards you guys ride just get out there and shred. Much love – Jeff

Written by shredneck