WI-ME - An Environmentally Conscious Company

When people talk about being environmentally conscious, the focus is usually on cars, food, and even straws. For some reason though, the big elephant in the room never gets spoken of… ocean vessels. Ocean transportation accounts for nearly 90% of global trade. And yet, there is not a single pollution restriction against these behemoths on the ocean.

Ocean Vessels Are Worse Than Cars

So, how bad are these ships? Well, it only takes fifteen of the largest ships to emit as much air pollution as the entire world’s 760 million cars. What’s even more shocking is that there are currently 90,000 vessels around the world, burning approximately 370 million tons of fuel per year and emitting 20 million tons of Sulphur Oxides (SOx). Yes, you read that right. TWENTY MILLION TONS compared to the 78,599 tons of (SOx) annually emitted by cars!

Wi-Me Is Here To Help!

What can we do to help? It’s simple. Talk with your wallet, not with your mouth. Buy things that are sourced and manufactured locally in North America. As we talked about earlier, we moved our manufacturing state-side which means when you buy one of our snowboards, you’re showing that you care about the environment too. That’s right! Our decks are now made state-side and on demand. As other snowboard manufacturers talk the talk, we decided to walk the walk.

Think Globally / Sourced Locally

We’ve even gone one step further to source locally as many of the materials used in the manufacturing of our snowboards such as composites, wood, and plastics. For example, the aspen core within our boards come from an ISC certified US Lumbermill. In addition, we build our boards using Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing (ECM). Simply put, concepts like pollution prevention, energy efficiency, material substitution, and maximization of recycled content guide us on how we produce our decks.

If you want to support a passionate company with a good sense of humor and focused on using their brand for bigger things like fighting cancer, we are your brand. Like our company’s motto reads - “Where ( causes ) Passion ( community ) Meets ( creativity ) Purpose ( customers )”, we don’t just mean it, we live it.